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How & When Did I Know?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Ladder to the moon.

Sitting on a circle swing made of plywood in my parent's backyard, I remember singing my heart out -- a cover maybe from Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Tanya Tucker, Pam Tillis or Reba McEntire (yes, I grew up listening to country music). The neighbor who lived behind my parent's house thought I was the radio! That's a compliment I carry with me to this day because in every moment of singing, I felt true expression from a very young age -- nothing compared to it, still doesn't.

Those days, Ed McMahon on Star Search was handing out 5 stars, 4 stars to kids who'd turn into big names we recognize today. Britney, Justin, Christina were all in the Mickey Mouse Club at the time & they all made appearances on that famous show.

Meanwhile, I'd be in my room using my tape player to record songs from the radio onto a cassette so I could practice. I even pretended to host my own radio show -- the call numbers were my parent's address. Crafty crafty haha.

I learned how to belt by listening to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Faith Hill , Marie Fredriksson (of Roxette) & found my lower register by listening to Stevie Nicks & Sade. I'd practice practice practice...I was singing full covers & coming up with my own nonsensical songs by the time I was 6 or 7 years old. I absolutely loved singing to the radio. I never had to work at hitting the right notes; I just knew when I was off key & I'd correct myself. I had rhythm & quite the powerful voice for a little kid with Asthma.

Ultimately, I've just always known -- it's ingrained in me. I never questioned my raw talent or who I was meant to be in this world until the adults would say it wasn't a "realistic" path or that so few become "successful."

Let me be clear, raw talent is one component. That's where you start. Where you go is towards technique, practice & growth, while cultivating what you were born with.

Anyway, sitting here now, I remember being on that swing all those years ago, with the trees, wind and sun my inspiration...even when the lyrics made no sense, I could spend hours carrying on in another solar system where nothing else existed. Music simply called to me & I had to answer.

You know I can't end a post without spreading a little motivation! If you can relate to anything I've said in this little sharing session, please just do what you're meant to do. Don't let anyone sway you. Be smart, pay the bills, but ultimately, realize that now is the time. If you need a sign, THIS IS IT.

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