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Project EP - Week 2

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Playing Guitar at the beach

Moving right along! Today is all about installing sound packs into Abelton. What I'm using now: Unison Loop & MIDI Chord packs, Serum, Doctor Mix Roland 909's, Spitfire Audio Labs and Beat Academy Samples & Loops. I'll also be working on finding drum loops for pop/rock song structures within Splice.

Finding the right sounds does take time up front because you have to sift through everything, however, I think the up-front investment is better than losing creative energy because you're stuck.

This week, I'll be focusing on creating song skeletons. This means mapping song structures: chorus, verse, break, outtro as well as writing lyrics (rough is fine) & identifying the key & chord progressions for each song. Strong melodies & catchy lyrics are great as well, but sometimes that comes later in the process!

I'd like to end today's short post with a positive quote I heard today regarding confidence building: "It's not about proving them's about proving yourself awesome. If you're always trying to prove others wrong, you are projecting outward that everyone else's opinions are more important than the opinion you have of yourself." Elle Russ

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