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Project EP - Week 3

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Uploaded a new sketch to SoundCloud last night.....FINALLY, something I'm a little happy with. I tend to try out a LOT of ideas before I land on something that I want to continue to flush out. I don't have my guitars set up to record yet, so that needs to be done.

I heard a track last night that really inspired me: Downhill Lullaby by Sky Ferreira. I love the slow tempo, strings & grungy guitar lead. I think I also really jived with her vocals...slow & steady....dark lyrics so eery. It's interesting, unexpected. I've been listening to Sky's stuff for years, but she fell off my radar.

As primarily a vocalist, I tend to decide whether I like a band/artist based on their lead singer. Do I feel them? Is what they're saying really true to their life OR are they singing someone else's song? My lyrics are always mine, but I can't always play every instrument I want as part of my tracks, so the question becomes: Am I being genuine if I sample, use plugins or digital instruments to help me out? Isn't that cheating? BUT even the most professional producers sample from time to time. I'm a decent rhythm guitarist...I started playing in '04 w/a nylon string classical guitar meant for a righty, but I'm a green keyboardist & whenever I do drums, I'm always programming them in as I don't play myself.

I think at some point, you have to let go of the judgement you have of yourself as an artist. What I mean is, when you're writing lyrics, just let them flow. Don't cross out lines or words, just write. When you're singing, don't worry about someone else who might be listening & judging, just sing. You're not performing, you're expressing....big difference. The best creative flow moments I've had were when I just let myself be me in that comparisons or judgements, just soul connection.

Whew, that got deep! More experimental tracks to come & hopefully, some finished ones as well. Onward + upward!

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