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Project EP - Week 4

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

All the things started seeping their way into my headspace this morning: How do you outline the only dream you've ever had? What lyrics do you write? What does your artist name become? What if you choose the wrong genre? What if, what if, then what? goes on & on. This morning, as our world continues to become a mass of chaos, I'm reframing my musical perspective: I'm the only person my music matters to the most. And if I can be proud of something I've released, that's all that matters because my growth as an artist will continue, the trash will still be taken out & you my friend, will be 'A' ok.

On this St. Patrick's Day, I'm adjusting my tradition because it's not with luck, but hard work, dedication & strength I've survived. Oh if you only knew what I've survived through.....but that's for my music to express.

Until next time, use hand sanitizer & for your own sanity, reframe your perspective. Today could be worse, but tomorrow will probably be better.

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