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"The Power of Love" (ing) Yourself

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

My mom told me that while she was pregnant with me, she used to play Huey Lewis and The News....maybe that's why they remain my favorite rock band of all time. I guess I came out of the womb listening to the Heart of Rock & Roll! As a kid, I always listened to them on vinyl, but many many years ago, I attended a live concert at the Mountain Winery & tried to get an autograph of my CD from Huey. Although I didn't get that autograph, I had bought a t-shirt @ the merch stand that I wore until it was literally falling apart.

I have a fondness for this band, not just because of Huey's fantastic bluesy voice or the harmonica, but also because they hail from the SF Bay Area of which I was also born & raised. The Sports album remains my absolute favorite & as it was released the year I was born, I like to think the songs were written as a roadmap for my life :)

Cover art for Huey Lewis and the News album Sports

"The Power of Love" is one of many hits on the Sports album, but it's even more special to me now. The lyrics always added up to the power of loving someone else & while I still draw that theme from it, nowadays, I'm inclined to lean towards the power of loving yourself. I can't think of an album, artist or song more inspirational, powerful or purely joyful.

Huey always had the power to pick me right up when I was feeling down, so if ever there was a chance to meet him, I'm sure I wouldn't know what to do first....shake his hand, hug or thank him.

Almost exactly 10 years ago, I bought a harmonica set (I call this the Huey effect) from Guitar Showcase & recorded a demo track for a producer I was trying to impress. I had no idea how to play the harmonica & while I thought it was surely going to turn out terribly, it didn't. To this day, I haven't finished that song...maybe it's time to add a little love.

Where are they now?

Forty years and thirty million, yes I said MILLION, record sales into a Grammy-winning career, Huey Lewis & The News came out with their first new song in over a decade in 2019, "Her Love is Killing Me." They're still doing it! How's that for some inspiration? If you've made it this far into my little blog post, congrats, but also, LOVE YOURSELF. I'll see you next time!

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