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Project EP - Week 1

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Floral lungs

It's officially day 1 of my journey to release my first EP. Launched Abelton Live 10 this morning first thing & began singing into my studio sound was coming through whatsoever. Time to start troubleshooting!

Took my mic over to Guitar Showcase & had them do a quick test to make sure my mic was still working & nope, mic wasn't the issue. SO, I purchased a new XLR cable as mine are super old & I know sometimes the easiest fix is the right fix. Came home, switched out the cable & bam! Houston, we've got sound!

Spent some time digging through Splice, Output & for midi instruments/sounds to have at the ready when I begin the songwriting process. It's important to have drums, bass lines, guitar riffs, etc. that help spark your creativity. Sometimes I'll start a track using found sounds....sometimes I'll use them as filler or exciters within a track. Either way, setting yourself up for success is important.

That's about it for today's progress. I'll be sharing songwriting sketches as I work my way through phase 1 of project EP.

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