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Project EP - Moving deadlines, adjusting to the times.

It's been quite a while since I last posted! I hope everyone is staying healthy wherever you are in the world. I'm in Northern California, so shout out to anybody hailing from the SF Bay Area!

Over the past few months, the affect COVID has had on the job market has been scary to say the very least. Unemployment numbers are incredibly high, the jobs that are available aren't paying anywhere near what they used to & we're in an election year, which carries with it broad uncertainty.

With that said, I am actively pursuing higher education to support my day job. This doesn't mean I'm walking away from my goals with music, including the release of my first EP --it simply means balancing my time in a more structured way.

The best any of us can do in times of uncertainty is be flexible on our way to achieving our goals. Over the coming weeks, as I learn more about what my future looks like, I'll be working to determine new approximated deadlines for the release of my EP. In the meantime, check out my Spotify playlist @ the bottom of the homepage for tunes I'm listening to now -- I hope you find one you like. Stay healthy!

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