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Project EP - Week 5

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Alrighty, it's been a few days since I last posted! With the Coronavirus disrupting our daily lives, my schedule has been a bit off, however, I've been working on producing & arranging a cover song. I decided to start with a pop song: "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith.

Two challenges with taking on this assignment:

1) I don't particularly like pop music

2) I've never arranged a cover song

I've found that it's actually easier for me to dive into something I haven't done before if I'm truly excited about doing it. It's safe to say pop music is NOT my genre, but I'm learning new skills & I suppose that makes this worth it.

I am SO ready to be done w/the heavy learning phase of this project. Software has really been getting in the way of laying down what I'm to say current state of affairs: annoyed.

Hope you're staying sane indoors, ordering your groceries & avoiding the social media panic button. Stay isolated, motivated & determined. We're fighting a war, but nobody's bombing home, so please maintain perspective.

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